Caminos Del Inka

Camino Del Inka


The Inca Empire was one of the most advanced civilizations in history.  It extended a territory today known as Perú, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, besides establishing commercial and cultural relations with civilizations of Central America, and the Polynesia. After the Spanish conquest most of Inca treasurers reached Europe.

“Caminos del Inka” (Inca Trail) was founded by conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya and finds inspirations in this grand empire, starting a musical journey through the soul of various cultures united by a common past in search of a cultural identity, extending their wonderful art across its borders.

Jessica Warren-Acosta is an active member of the Caminos del Inka project. She dedicates her efforts to the search and revival of Latin classical music and also works closely with composers commissioning and performing new pieces. Ms. Warren-Acosta spent much time in South America learning the musical traditions and culture and discovered an affinity for the indigenous instruments. She has been incorporating traditional Andean wind instruments into classical performances, bringing new sounds and ideas to the concert hall.

She is scheduled to perform Gabriela Lena Frank’s Flute Concerto, “Illapa” with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This piece is essentially an Andean Tone Poem which depicts a moment in the life of Illapa, a powerful weather god from ancient South American Andean mythology. It involves the use of a wooden flute as well as the Peruvian instruments pito and moseño.

Ms. Warren-Acosta released her CD “Acentos” of chamber music from along the Inca Trail. Composers include Andrés Sás, Osvaldo Golijov, Diego Luzuriaga, Alberto Ginastera, Gabriela Lena Frank, José Carlos Campos, Liduino Pitombeira, and Heitor Villa-Lobos.


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